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Hungry Mother Moving to One Kendall Square

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Photo: Yelp/Cathy S.

The complex of buildings known as One Kendall Square, which is home to several notable restaurants within the general restaurant hotbed that is Kendall Square, is being sold, says the Globe. And that's not all: Southern influences/French technique/New England ingredients darling Hungry Mother is moving in, per the same article. It's not a very long move for the restaurant, which is located just a few blocks away on Cardinal Medeiros Ave, but Hungry Mother's cozy, home-like interior is certainly part of its appeal. Will the intimate space be recreated further down the street, or will the move inspire changes at the Cambridge gem, which opened in 2008, before this neighborhood's recent restaurant boom? And most importantly, will it still have a cardinal on its sign if it's no longer on Cardinal Medeiros Ave? Stay tuned and hit up the tipline with any intel of your own.

Meanwhile, the Globe says the owners of One Kendall Square will be asking $360 million for the place. Other restaurants and bars that live here: The Blue Room, Belly Wine Bar, West Bridge, Cambridge Brewing Company, The Friendly Toast, a Tommy Doyle's, and, soon, a brick and mortar by the Bon Me food truck.

Update: Hungry Mother is expanding, not moving.

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Hungry Mother

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