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Behold Boston's Soon-to-Be Only Sushi Conveyor Belt

Photo: Facebook/Enso Sushi

Enso Sushi is slated for an opening on Kneeland Street in Chinatown, and when that happens, Boston will have its very own kaiten sushi, or "conveyor belt sushi" as it is less elegantly known. Brookline's FuGaKyu previously featured kaiten sushi, but no more, which means that when Enso Opens shop, it will be the only place in town to eat raw fish off of a machine resembling an airport baggage claim. Finally! The restaurant has yet to share an opening date but has posted several photos of its sushi rolls and other dishes on Facebook, including the Pink Lady, with spicy salmon, cucumber and shrimp tempura wrapped up with yellowtail, and the Lollipop, a skewered wheel of tuna and avocado robed in a cucumber slice. Know more about Enso Sushi? That's what the tipline is for.

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Enzo Sushi

75 Kneeland Street, Boston, MA