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Could Japanese 'Maid Cafe' MaiDreamin Come to Boston?

MaiDreamin at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza/Yattar News

Japanese "maid café" MaiDreamin is expanding to the United States with the opening of a Los Angeles branch in summer 2013, and the company is apparently eyeing Boston as another potential target, according to Last week, a Massachusetts resident posted on the company's US Facebook page asking for a Boston location, to which MaiDreamin responded, "We're thinking about that ;D." The very enthusiastic resident, surely speaking for maybe one or two other people, continued, "What can we do to convince you??? Let me know! We'll rally! We'll march in the street! :)"

Described as a "theatrical entertainment restaurant," MaiDreamin is one chain amongst an increasing number where waitresses act (and dress) like French maids, pretending that diners are their "masters and mistresses" in a private home. The food is generally typical café fare, but the waitresses often decorate it at the table, drawing cute designs with condiments like syrup and ketchup.

Some maid café chains offer additional services and features: waitresses may spoon-feed customers, provide grooming and massage services, or play card games, for example, at least according to Wikipedia.

The English version of the MaiDreamin website offers some interesting insight into the restaurant via the FAQs page. For example:

Q: How old is Maid?
A: She is Everlasting 17 years old.
Q: Where does maid go from?
A: She is from various planet.
Q: Can we present for maid?
A: I'm glad only with your feeling.
The MaiDreamin chain currently operates 11 restaurants in Japan with a Thai location in the works. Los Angeles will be the first in the United States. Other companies have apparently previously opened maid cafés in the US without much success.

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