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New Coffee Bar at Bigger Barismo Opens Tomorrow

Photo: Facebook/barismo

Barismo on Mass Ave in Arlington is one of the most popular local coffee roasters, but until now it's primarily been just that: a roaster. Now, a larger version of the store location, just two doors down, is opening up with a coffee bar suitable for drinking real, live cups of coffee on the premises. Barismo's Pete Cannon tells Eater that the new Arlington bar will be open starting tomorrow, December 20, from 8am to 6pm. He says the new location will start off with a standing bar only, though he hopes to add six seats, possibly by next month. In the meantime, if you insist on drinking barismo coffee while sitting, there's always dwelltime, barismo's sibling coffeeshop located in Cambridge. The new space will be more than double the size of the original, and a prior blog post from the company said to expect "a cart service for Syphons and a shift towards more cloth filter brews on bar" with "a simple offering list presented in a traditional format of limited sizes" for espresso.

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364 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02143


169 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA