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Lawyer Who Took on The Upper Crust Might Buy It

Local pizza chain and controversy magnet The Upper Crust declared bankruptcy last October, and tomorrow the business goes up for auction with some unusual bidders in the mix. For instance, attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan, who has represented employees in a lawsuit against the company claiming it was guilty of exploiting its workers. If Robin Hood, er, Shannon Liss-Riordan were to win her bid to buy the company along with another investor, she would "plan to give employees ownership shares in the restaurant," says the Globe. If that happened, and patrons knew their money was directly benefitting employees, that might just save the company's reputation and make people want to come back. Other bidders include former managers of Upper Crust locations as well as founder Jordan Tobins, even though he "was placed on leave this year after being accused by co-owners of misusing company funds for personal expenses."

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[Photo: Cal Bingham]

The Upper Crust

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