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What Boston Restaurant with a James Beard Foundation Award Do You Think Is Expanding?

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A Boston restaurant featuring a chef who has won a James Beard Foundation award is looking to open a new venue. A Craigslist job posting from yesterday morning seeks a sous chef for an unnamed restaurant, but it specifies that the restaurant is new, that the chef involved has said award, and that the hiring process involves learning "at our current location." The job post is reminiscent of a similar post that appeared on Craigslist in October, which was for a venue opening in Concord "after the New Year" with a "Nationally known Chef with James Beard Foundation recognition" at "our Boston location." Given the similar content and language, it would appear that these two posts are indeed related.

Which begs the question: what restaurant do you think this could be?

Here are some previous Boston area JBF award winners, courtesy of Eater and Wikipedia, who may or may not be involved:

· Tim Cushman, O Ya, 2012
· Tony Maws, Craigie on Main, 2011
· Patrick Conelly, Radius, 2008
· Frank McClelland, L'Espalier, 2007
· Durgin Park, 1998
· Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, 2005

Leave your guesses in the comments or feel free to hit up the tipline with any further information.

Correction: "James Mclelland" has been changed to "Frank Mclelland."

Update: It's Jason Bond of Bondir.

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