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Marco Cucina Romana to Close

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Photo: Facebook/Marco Cucina Romana

The North End restaurant Marco Cucina Romana will be closing for good after December 23, with a new restaurant moving in after it's gone. An Eater tipster heard about the closure from the staff, and though no one from Marco could be reached at this point for comment, an email sent to the restaurant brought an automatic reply confirming that the restaurant is closing. Sure enough, the Marco Facebook page says the same: "On Dec 23rd, Marco will be closing its doors for good. (A new restaurant will be opening up in our spot early in 2013.)" Hit up the tipline with any intel of your own about the Marco replacement and stay tuned for updates.

Correction: Marco is no longer owned by chef Marc Orfaly, as previously reported.

· Marco Cucina Romana [Facebook]


253 Hanover Street, Boston, MA