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Mike & Patty's Triumphantly Returns to Bay Village

Photo: Facebook/Mike & Patty's

The much adored Mike & Patty's - tagline: "A neighborhood sandwich shop. Tiny, barely any seating, really busy - call ahead" - is once again open on Church Street in Bay Village. New owner Jennifer Galatis tells Eater that the restaurant soft-reopened last weekend and will continue with its soft opening phase through this coming Sunday, December 16, from 8am to 2pm. Then Mike & Patty's will pause for the holidays and officially reopen in full on January 2. So in case you require yet a second day of hangover breakfasting following New Year's, now you know where to go.

Mike & Patty's underwent a period of temporary closures before going dark for several months, and things weren't looking good for a while there. And then Galatis, a longtime employee, announced that she would be taking over for Mike and doing her best "to preserve his menu," which largely consisted of breakfast sandwiches, non-breakfast sandwiches, and hot dogs (which, technically, could also fall under the category of breakfast sandwiches). Galatis notes that all of the original menu items are now back in action.

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Mike & Patty's

12 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116