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Former Rozzie Power Substation Will Get New Restaurants

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What was once a power substation in Roslindale Square is slated to become "a mixed-use complex with dozens of apartments, restaurants, and a produce market" says the Globe. Plans include one restaurant and one cafe within the refurbished building, and perhaps more once an adjacent lot becomes the site of 40 new apartments? And it's going to be pretty: the 1911 building designed by Boston architect Robert S. Peabody will be restored and refurbished, including clearing out the brick from the original "massive arched windows" (see rendering).

Roslindale has recently seen an uptick in cool dining establishments, including the Nigerian Suya Joint, the tiny Chinese Seven Star Street Bistro and the Southern-leaning Redd's in Rozzie. What would you like to see come to this space?

· Hopes are high for new development in Roslindale [BG]
[Photo: Roslindale Substation rendering, Taylor and Burns via Roslindale Village Main Street]