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Nookie Previews Steinbones at Crema This Saturday

Fenway Park executive chef and Around the World in 80 Plates finalist Steve "Nookie" Postal will preview his Jewish barbecue restaurant concept Steinbones at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square this Saturday. Nookie, who is also working on a Cambridge restaurant that may or may not be called Commonwealth, plans to open Steinbones in New York City but also told Eater that a Boston location could be in the cards. On Saturday, aka the last night of Hanukkah, Nookie and company are holding a holiday party of sorts to show the world what Steinbones will taste like. He plans to serve fried matzo balls, latkes with smoked apple applesauce and "a select few of Nookie's other Jew....ish BBQ creations that will be on the Steinbones menu."

For instance, chopped short rib pastrami on a challah roll with "everything" (like the bagel) seasoning and deli mustard, as well as pulled, smoked beef cheeks. Here's how it works: the event is open to the public, and guests will spin a dreidle (top-like toy with a gambling component, common at Hanukkah festivities: you had a little one, you made it out of clay) to determine how much, if anything, their food will cost. All proceeds go to the hunger relief organization Lovin' Spoonfuls.

The event takes places Saturday, December 15, from 6pm to 8pm (or until food runs out) in the mezzanine at Crema Cafe, 27 Brattle Street, Harvard Square. Nookie's advice: "Come in and buy a coffee or a ginger steamer and then come up and see us." And the price? "No cost, except having to give us feedback on the food and receiving intense peer pressure to give a few dollars to charity."

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Crema Cafe

27 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA