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Prepare Yourself For More of Uno Dué Go

Last year the fast-casual restaurant Uno Dué Go debuted in Downtown Crossing from the parent company of all those newfangled restaurants that used to be called Pizzeria Uno, and it appears as though more Uno Dué Go are on the way. A Craigslist job posting describes Uno Dué Go as a "Growing Concept" for the "Boston Area" and says "Based on the tremendous success of this flagship location, Uno Due Go is ready to launch!" That's a little confusing, but it seems that by "launch" the company means "launch more of." According to the official website, the concept has already spread to Dallas, Cleveland and Wisconsin. Uno Dué Go serves pizzas of the deep dish and thin crust variety, salads, baked goods, soups, and both sandwiches and panini. Where in Boston do you think they'll strike next?

· Uno Restaurants - exciting management opportunity [Craigslist]

Uno Due Go

52 Summer Street, Boston, MA