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Benny's Crepe Cafe Is Boston's Newest Food Truck

A food truck that has experience dishing out crepes in the burbs is now doing business in Boston proper. Benny's Crepe Cafe tweets that today is its first day serving in the city, with breakfast by the Boston Public Library and lunch "by BU West on Comm. Ave from 10-3pm." Previously, the truck could only be found in Needham and Waltham. Crepes come in a variety of flavors, including smoked salmon, blt, roasted pumpkin, and caramel apple. The truck also does salads like one with orzo, fresh mint and basil, and coffee, tea, hash browns and white bean and pork stew also make appearances. For the full menu, see here.

According to the company website, the owner has food trucks in his blood, having descended from Benjamin "Benny" Shear, who sold vegetables via truck in Medford after returning from World War I.

· Benny's Crepe Cafe [Twitter]
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[Photo: Benny's Crepe Cafe/Facebook]