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A New Life for The Old Paddock Space in Somerville?

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Photo: Flickr/interactivesomerville

A tipster reports hearing from Somerville city officials that a new restaurant is headed for what was until recently The Paddock, at 249 Pearl Street. Word is that the new venue could open by next spring, that the space will be "amazing" in terms of design and that the restaurant will be "priced right for the neighborhood." So probably not an expansion of Menton. The Paddock was a longtime neighborhood favorite in a part of town that, despite Somerville's increasing hotness as a restaurant destination, isn't particularly rife with dining options (no offense to the nearby Highland Creole Cuisine, which is pretty awesome.) Stay tuned for confirmation and further details and hit that tipline with any of your own.

· The Paddock Restaurant in Somerville is no more [~EBOS~]

The Space Formerly Known as The Paddock

249 Pearl Street, Somerville, MA