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Totally Whack Travel + Leisure Survey Gets Boston Wrong

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Photo: Sweet Cheeks Q, a good barbecue restaurant in Boston/Cal Bingham

Results from a recent Travel + Leisure reader survey say that Boston does well in the "sports bar" department, but not so much with the barbecue. According to the survey, Boston ranked second for its sports bars and thirty-second for its barbecue. Out of 35 cities. So, bad. Only falling behind barbecue wastelands like Anchorage. On the other hand, none of this matters, because the results of the survey are bonkers. For instance, Providence vasty outranks Boston food-wise.

Other Boston rankings from the feature include #10 for fine dining, #5 for pizza, #18 for hamburgers (behind Savannah!?), #14 for "cafes" (trounced by cafe stronghold San Juan), #18 for the absurdly broad and somewhat offensive category of "ethnic food," #8 for microbrew beer (defeated by the legendary beer haven of San Diego), #17 for coffee (because we just can't compete with the insanely good coffee in Kansas City), and #8 in ice cream (that's better in Nashville).

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Sweet Cheeks

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