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That Trader Joe's Chocolate Sure Looks Like Taza

Fans of Somerville's Taza Chocolate have noticed an oddly similar product appearing at Trader Joe's, for less of course. "They looked suspiciously similar to Taza's Mexicanos... and Trader Joe's is known for unbranding and selling name-brand things at a discount" notes ZOMG, Candy! Posters on the local Chowhound board pose questions like "Might it just be copy-cat?" When asked if Taza knew of the Trader Joe's product, a representative from the company had this to say: "The answer is yes, we're aware of the Trader Joe's product and it's similarity to our own. Basically, we're psyched that more people are going to have access to Mexican style, stone ground chocolate, and that's what we tell our fans."

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[Photo: Dark Chocolate Diary]