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Michael Schlow's Political Satire Pop-Up

Chef and restaurateur Michael Schlow, whose venues include Radius and Via Matta, has announced a new, short-lived pop-up take on the election that will vary depending on which candidate wins: kind of like how Japan and the U.S. both filmed different endings to King Kong Versus Godzilla/Godzilla Versus King Kong. According to a press release, an Obama win means "out of control spending with plenty of pork" clocking in at $75 plus a "bail out" in the form of a $25 gift card for a future visit. If Romney is to rule America for the next four years, Schlow promises to cut costs to $60 "although he has no idea how he will pay for it, yet he's pretty sure that 47% of people won't care anyway." The event is this coming Thursday at Happy's Bar + Kitchen: for more information, call 857.753.4100.

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[Photo: Sophia Tsakmaklis]