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Take a Look at the Flour4 Construction Site in Back Bay

The right side of Flour4. The space between the sets of vertical beams will be an enclosed kitchen.
The right side of Flour4. The space between the sets of vertical beams will be an enclosed kitchen.

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Back Bay residents and workers may be able to get their hands on Joanne Chang-Myers' infamous sticky buns by the end of the year. Construction began last week on the newest Flour; it'll be the fourth location for the popular bakery, which always sees a crowd at its existing locations in the South End, Fort Point, and Central Square. The address for the new location is 131 Clarendon St., steps from the back entrance to the Back Bay train station, within the same building as a bank, and across the street from a small park that will likely end up as an unofficial outdoor dining area for Flour patrons.

Flour4 will have about 45 to 50 seats, says Chang-Myers - about the same size as Fort Point. The basic menu will be the same as the other locations, although she notes that each location has a different chef and thus different daily specials. While there will be a doorway from the bank lobby, it will lead directly into the main dining area; the front entrance will actually be on the Stanhope St. side of the building, resulting in a wide but shallow space, much like the Central Square location. The menu and pastry counter will be in front of the entrance, and off to the right, there will be an enclosed kitchen (with a window for peeking inside) and a few seats. The register will be to the left of the entrance, and the main seating will be to the far left, on the Clarendon side. Last month, Chang-Myers tweeted a concept drawing of the space.

While the new Flour will adhere to the same aesthetic as the older locations, designers Hacin + Associates Inc. will be "bringing it up a notch," according to Chang-Myers. The firm also designed Flour's sister restaurant Myers + Chang.

Chang-Myers was attracted to the space partly due to its high ceilings, large windows, and proximity to the T. It's also on the edge of a neighborhood in an area without many similar businesses; she likes "underserved areas."

"We really hope to be an amenity to people who live around here," Chang-Myers says.

The hours may vary at first until Flour4 settles into the rhythm of the neighborhood, but they'll likely be somewhere in the range of 7 AM to 7 or 8 PM on weekdays, 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays, and 9 AM to 4 PM on Sundays.

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