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Tonic Isn't Closed Forever, Is Actually Reopening Friday

Photo: Facebook/Tonic Boston

Things were looking iffy for Tonic in JP due to what can now be called a temporary closure, but the restaurant says it will reopen this coming Friday. This morning the Tonic Facebook page announced that news and said to expect "new menus" to boot. Quick recap: Tonic opened in April, chef Ryan Kelly moved on in August, Tonic went on vacation that same month and then closed through October due to medical reasons. Critics' responses to Tonic had been mixed but positive, and on Chowhound MC Slim JB recently called what appeared to be the restaurant's closure "A shame" saying "It seemed like a bold experiment." Now it might continue to be just that. Stay tuned for further updates about Tonic and share any of your own via the tipline.

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3698 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA