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Ames-Webster Mansion Deal; 12 Priciest Condos of '12

Here's this week's Curbed Cuts, from our neighborhood-savvy sister site Curbed Boston:

2ames-webster.jpgBACK BAY - Someone or something agreed to buy the 50-room, 28-fireplace Ames-Webster Mansion at 306 Dartmouth Street. If the buyer is indeed intending to keep it as a home (it's now a suite of opulent offices) and it goes for anywhere near its latest asking price of $18,000,000, it will be far and away the biggest housing deal in Boston history.
BOSTON - We mapped the city's 12 priciest condo sales of 2012. The price of admission was $4,500,000, and the topmost was $10,300,000.

DOWNTOWN - David Bates found the busiest condo buildings sales-wise, including ones where 100 percent of the listings go like that! "I looked at the previous 12 months and concerned myself with listings that had come off the market and either sold or failed to sell. I paid no attention to listings that were on the market or under agreement. Nonetheless, what I discovered were some of Boston's busiest condominium listing addresses as well as a few of Boston's most sure-fire sales addresses."
FENWAY - Demo work's under way at the Fenway Triangle project. It will produce 172 apartments, 230,000 square feet of office space, plenty of underground parking, and, easily most importantly, the first Target in downtown Boston.