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How TJ Connelly Handles a Hangover

As the founder of the cocktail app onthebar - not to mention being the DJ for the Red Sox - TJ Connelly, aka @senatorjohn, knows a thing or two about hangovers. Here's how he does it.

2tj-boat-headshot.jpgThe very first thing I do when I get up is get outside as much VitaCoco as possible. In addition to doing the heavy lifting of rehydration, VitaCoco has a ton of potassium which is great for working through hangover symptoms. I'm pretty sure it holds true for a lot of the coconut waters on the market, but straight original flavor VitaCoco has been my standby. I keep a couple 16oz cartons in the fridge for just such an emergency.

Once I'm up and mobile, it's time for ramen. I enjoy a good bowl of ramen fairly often without nursing a hangover, but if I'm banged up from the night before my first move is to Sapporo Ramen in the Porter Exchange to load up on hot soup and noodles. One bowl of spicy miso or tan tan men and I'm good to go for the day.

Every once in awhile (if things have really gone over the top) I find myself in bad shape and wishing I could pop off the top of my skull and just rest my aching brain in a pan of cool water. In those moments, the true test is surviving floss and a toothbrush in the morning. If I can get it together to handle these basics, I know everything else will fall into place.

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Sapporo Ramen

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