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How Noon Inthasuwan-Summers Handles a Hangover

Noon Inthasuwan-Summers is the beverage director at Moksa in Central Square. Here's how she spends the day after.

So what's your hangover advice? Hydration. Definitely hydration, and vitamins.

Which ones? I would say multivitamins. The Flintstone gummy bears work, too. Take about five or six of those. And definitely Gatorade.

Some people recommend drinking more alcohol. Sounds like that's not the path you take. I don't find that the hair of the dog works.

Any hangover stories to share? Mostly when I have a hangover I just sleep all day.

Do you see hungover patrons at Moksa? We do see quite a few of them. Especially on Thursday and Friday during the day. I normally just give them a cocktail that has a lot of carbonation in it. Carbonation and fresh fruit juice. Bubbles always help. If I could mix any alcohol with chicken soup I would probably recommend that as well, but I don't have anything like that yet.

Noon summed it up like this:

My advice, take a "HIT" when you have a hangover.

H - Hydration. Gatorade works.
I - Invigorate your body with vitamins & supplement
T - Time heals all wounds. Including a hangover.

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