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Marc Orfaly and Sandy to Team up for Radio Appearance

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Not only have Pigalle chef Marc Orfaly and the now infamous, vomit-tasting pie hater Sandy become Facebook friends, but now they're going to appear together on the Phantom Gourmet radio show. Sandy was catapulted into the spotlight yesterday after thrashing her Thanksgiving meal at Pigalle on Facebook and then becoming the subject of one of the most vicious social media attacks by a chef on a patron in history. The Phantom Gourmet posted to Facebook yesterday, writing "Pigalle chef Marc Orfaly will address 'Pie Gate' on the Phantom Gourmet radio show Friday 10am-1pm on Newstalk 96.9."

Eater readers have speculated that something seemed amiss with Sandy's hasty acceptance of Orfaly's apology, so perhaps the show will finally shed some light on exactly how things went down between the two. While nearly everyone was quick to point the finger at Orfaly for overreacting to Sandy's admittedly obnoxious comments, the Phantom Gourmet is closely related to the Restaurant and Business Alliance, and has gone so far to prove its allegiance to restaurants as to call it unfair for cafes and coffeeshops to be required to handle a choking scenario and to speak out against food trucks. Will the Andelmans side with Orfaly? Find out tomorrow.

Update: The Phantom Gourmet now says Orfaly hasn't confirmed his appearance. On the show, the conflict has also been likened to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, more than once, and one of the Andelmans has said "We are going to make this woman cry."

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