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Here, Maybe All This Poutine Will Cure Your Hangover

What better way to nurse a hangover than with a heaping portion of fries topped with gravy and perfectly squeaky cheese curds? Poutine is thankfully growing in prevalence in the United States, originally courtesy of our friends up North in Quebec, who swear by its magical, hangover-relieving properties. Plenty of Boston restaurants are serving up their own versions of the classic dish, so here are a few examples to help you recover from your Cocktail Week debauchery.

Known for their Belgian-style waffles and fries, Saus serves up poutine with homemade gravy and cheddar cheese curds ($6.25 for a medium portion or $8 for a large). "It's the only poutine I've ever had in the US that actually tastes like poutine," says an Eater tipster who is originally from Canada and goes by the very Canadian nickname of Otto (short for Ottowa). Meanwhile on Yelp, reviewers declare Saus' poutine to have the "perfect balance of fries, gravy, and cheese curds."

Gallows%20poutine.jpgThe Gallows
Not content to just offer classic poutine ($10), The Gallows also serves "sunrise poutine" at brunch and lunch: scrambled eggs, fries, gravy, cheese curds, and Canadian bacon ($15). At dinner, there's also a vegetarian poutine ($15) and, for the daredevil set, the "Out of Control" poutine ($18). Local food blogger Kathy Day (Kathy Can Cook), who grew up so far North that was she was practically in Canada, vouches for the poutine at The Gallows (and Saus as well). According to Kathy, it's really the cheese that determines a proper poutine, and it's gotta squeak.

all%20star%20poutine.jpgAll Star Sandwich Bar
The poutine is specifically marked "Canadian style" on the menu at All Star ($5.95), and Yelpers describe it as "freaking amazing," "absolutely delicious," and "the best I've had in the US." Also, it won't kill your wallet. (But it may kill you.)

It's a bit surprising to see such a wonderfully messy dish at a classy joint like Harvest, but it's available at the bar, made with hand cut french fries, cheese curd, bacon, and chicken velouté ($12). "This is a unique, refined take on poutine, and is worth trying for yourself when you are in need of some good comfort food," writes local blogger The Food Monkey, who went on a poutine crawl of sorts a few years ago.

beehive%20poutine.jpgThe poutine at The Beehive gets the old "Amaaaazeballs" treatment from an Eater tipster. The "cheese and gravy frites" here ($10.50) are "The perfect dish to soak up all the amazing cocktails you'll be sipping," says one Yelper. Another even goes so far as to declare it "so much better than the real Canadian stuff." And like at The Gallows, there's also a brunch version; The Beehive's is topped with sunny side up eggs ($14).

lower%20depths%20poutine.jpgThe Lower Depths
This place devotes an entire section of the menu to tater tots. Best menu ever. One of those tot "platters" ($10) is, you guessed it, poutine. Authentic? Not so much. But delicious? Oh yes. It's got gravy, fried cheese curds, melted cheese, and scallions.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on KO Catering and Pies and Tremont 647. There's no poutine on the regular menus, but tipsters report multiple occurrences of some pretty snazzy poutine-style specials. KO apparently occasionally serves "Aussie Poutine" with potato wedges, fresh mozzarella, and lamb gravy. Spotted at Tremont 647: fries with cheese gravy and guava compote.

Is your favorite poutine missing? Leave a comment below or hit up the tipline!

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