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Power Outage in Cambridge; Taking a Ramen Beating

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CAMBRIDGE - For those who might be headed out to dinner in Cambridge tonight, call first: at the time of this post, a power outage is affecting up to 30% of NSTAR users according to this official outage map. The MBTA has denied a rumor that it has to do with the Red Line hitting a deer, which sounds crazy, but then again there are increasing reports of urban coyotes and turkeys, so why not? If you have intel about what restaurants are open or closed, hit up the tipline. [Twitter]

TV LAND - Check out the latest segment from local music and booze journalist Luke O'Neil's TV pilot Carousel. This time, chef Louis DiBiccari of Storyville, Chef Louie Night and the upcoming Tavern Road joins O'Neil and chef-owner Will Gilson of the about-to-open Puritan & Co to talk pop-ups and more. Says Louis: "It feels like someone is beating us over the head with ramen right now." [Facebook via GS]

BOSTON - DigBoston is concerned that you might be deprived of seasonal food and drink. Here's a winter beer guide and here's a guide to local soups to get you through. [DB]
[Photo: Louis DiBiccari and Will Gilson on Carousel/Facebook]