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Marc Orfaly and His Critic Are Now Facebook Friends

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What a whirlwind: first, a patron by the name of Sandy told Pigalle chef Marc Orfaly that his pumpkin pie tasted like vomit. Then, Orfaly told Sandy that "she must enjoy vomit," and that was the nice part. Later, he apologized. Who would have thought the day would end with them becoming besties? And yet the two are now Facebook friends. At least that's what an Eater commenter who appears to be the real Sandy says. She writes:

It's Me!! I am posting to let everyone know that Mark and I spoke at length about our recent Facebook smack down. He was right to say that if I was truly not happy with my meal I should of made a bigger fuss about it at the time it happened. He felt like there was nothing that could be fixed once we left Pigalles. He was very sincere and was the first to make amends. We both have apologized for our words and we are now FB friends! He offered me a make up meal and I will gladly take him up on his offer. He seems like a really nice guy and is very passionate about food! Ya got to love him for that. So all of you that have made comments good or bad I would strongly recommend checking out Pigalles . You might want to make reservation weeks in advance because as the saying goes, even bad publicity is good!

Though hard to believe, this appears to be authentic and not written by a PR rep due to the extra "s" on "Pigalles." So is this the end? Stay tuned.

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