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Soon KO Pies Won't Be the Only Aussie Food in Town

The beloved KO Catering and Pies and KO Pies at the Shipyard are due for some competition from the motherland when the upcoming, also Australian Cuppacoffee opens shop. According to the Cuppacoffee website, the husband and wife venture has been two years in the making and is bound for "the site of the Mobil gas station across from the Haymarket T station." Cuppacoffee will serve espresso drinks and Aussie meat pies, much like KO. The self-described "espresso bar" is still in the construction phase and says it is "coming very soon." Per twitter, the coffeeshop will feature MA-roasted coffee from Red Barn Coffee Roasters and will blend its own beans for espresso. A post on Chowhound notices that signage has already gone up but suggests the opening is a few months off, so stay tuned for further details and hit up the tipline with any of your own.

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[Photo: Facebook/Cuppacoffee Boston]


One merimac st, Boston MA 02114