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Vaya Con Dios, Andale

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The tiny, mostly takeout Financial District restaurant Andele is now closed, reports Boston Restaurant Talk. The 8-seat restaurant opened in 2003 and served Oaxaca and Veracruz-leaning cuisine and was part of the Ole Restaurant Group, which also runs Zocalo in Back Bay and Ole in Inman Square. BRT says that the restaurant's catering operation will remain intact. Now two takeout establishments with encouraging, non-English names have closed in recent months: Andale, which means "come on!" in Spanish, and Andiamo To Go, which translates to "let's go (to go)" in Italian. Final, retroactively poignant Yelp review: "I'll definitely be back." Lo siento, pero no.

· Andale in Boston's Financial District has closed [BRT]
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125 Summer Street, Boston, MA