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Welcome to Cocktail Week 2012

It's 10:15 on the Monday morning after Thanksgiving, and you're already thinking about drowning your work week sorrows in cocktails, aren't you? Well, today's your lucky day, because Eater is kicking off Cocktail Week right here, right now. Please have your ID ready at the door. The week-long extravaganza will be filled with all kinds of sweet, smoky, bitter cocktail tales. Stay tuned for interviews with industry folks, round-ups of the best hangover cures Boston has to offer, and lots more. And if you'd like to drink a real cocktail while reading about cocktails, a few bars are featuring snazzy Eater-themed drinks. Head on over to the club side of Church for a manly Tom Plum's Blues, Saloon for a sinfully chocolatey El Guapo, or Parlor Sports for an extraordinarily spicy and filling "Tailgate in a Glass" Bloody Mary. Cheers!


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