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2nd Street Cafe Owner to Open Squeaky Beaker Cafe

Photo: 2nd Street Cafe, Yelp/Trish F.

The owner of the lovely little 2nd Street Cafe in East Cambridge is planning to open a new restaurant called the Squeaky Beaker Cafe in Kendall Square. A Craigslist job posting says that "a brand new restaurant is opening in December" in "a small place located in Kendall Square" where it will serve "food made from scratch with love." The post lists Anthony Miller as the owner, and Boston Restaurant Talk connects Miller to the 2nd Street Cafe via notes from a recent license hearing, which gives the name of the new restaurant and puts it at 675 West Kendall with just 18 seats, doing breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays. So in the range of Kendall Square dining, it sounds as though Squeaky Beaker Cafe would be more along the lines of the new casual, neighborhood restaurant Discovery Cafe than, say, West Bridge. Also, if the job posting is successfully filled, Squeaky Beaker Cafe will have one "Awesome Grill Cook."

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Squeaky Beaker Cafe

675 West Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA