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Mojitos Lounge Cited for Health Code Violations

Photo: Facebook/Mojitos Boston

Downtown Crossing nightclub Mojitos Lounge is one of several neighborhood establishments found to be lacking in the health code department. The Globe and the Herald both report that the club has been issued violations for having vermin, which the Globe specifies as cockroaches and rodents. Mojitos is not the only establishment to receive violations in what one official called "the first annual Inspectional Services ­Department Christmas stroll." In an adjacent alley, trash barrels were found to be "caked with pigeon droppings." In each publication the owner and the manager for Mojitos say they're not the only ones with trouble and can't single-handedly eliminate the issues. One of the inspectors appears to agree, saying "If everyone is not on board, problems won't go away, they'll just move around." And by "problems" he means cockroaches, rats and pigeons.

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Mojitos Lounge

48 Winter Street, Boston, MA