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Chef Promised Job With Todd English Gets No Job, Insults

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A July episode of the reality TV show Chef Wanted featuring Todd English would be more more accurately called Chef Unwanted and Also Called a Fucking Dumbass according to a report by The Huffington Post. A post on the HuffPo from yesterday details a series of events so bizarre that they could only be attributed to celebrity chef/Boston restaurateur Todd English, who has provided no shortage of controversial behavior in recent months, including putting off settling a lawsuit until the offended party had passed away and being sued for over $700,000 in unpaid rent as his Charlestown flagship Olives and another million dollars for unpaid rent at his shuttered Faneuil Hall restaurant Kingfish Hall. Not to mention naming an oyster after himself. This time around, English promised chef Tully Wilson a job at Olives in New York City after Wilson won Chef Wanted. That has yet to happen.

"I have just one more question for you. Are you ready to move to New York?" asked English on the episode. But Wilson never heard from English about the job until repeated requests, which ended up with English cursing at Wilson and, as the HuffPo puts it, saying "by the time English was done with him, he wouldn't even be able to work in a Denny's." Here's how it went down.

The Wilson-English timeline:


· Wilson wins Chef Wanted, is told he got the job, though a chef from Todd English enterprises actually got it, unbeknownst to Wilson.


· The show airs.


· According to Wilson, he still hasn't heard from English. Wilson takes a closer look at his contract and realizes he actually isn't guaranteed the job, although the narrative of the show gave every indication that he was. Todd English enterprises say maybe they have something for Wilson. At a restaurant that hasn't opened yet in Kuwait.

Sometime in the Fall.

· English says Wilson has a job in Alabama starting December 1. Wilson says that offer never happened, which is why he moved to Texas to find work.

· Wilson gets a call from English saying he's "a f**king dumbass" - several times - for going to the press about the story. The Denny's comment happens.

· However, English tells the HuffPo "I'm going to have a conversation with my team and we're going to look at our options with him."

So, Tully - still want that job?

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