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Sneak Peek of the Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Get excited for January. A new beer-drinking opportunity is coming. Now under construction, the Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall will provide space for 250 people to drink beer and eat housemade pretzels while gazing out over the water or into the bowels of the brewery. The long second-story former office space will include a bar, a station for filling growlers, a small kitchen area to churn out those pretzels, and a gift shop full of Harpoon paraphernalia. The existing small gift shop will stay open but in slightly different form; it'll primarily be a tasting room used during tours of the brewery.

The construction shots don't reveal too much yet, but circular chandelier frames are visible, as well as the most stunning feature, the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows, which were actually enlarged as part of the renovation. The building's Seaport location means spectacular views. And the inner wall also features large windows that look right into the building itself.

The bar itself will be quite long, stretching through most of the length of the space. It will be closer to the brewery side of the room, leaving ample space by the windows to the outside for a collection of big communal tables. The tables and bartops will be made from salvaged butternut wood from Vermont, while the floors, which are partially installed at this point, are reclaimed antique oak. The gift shop will be conveniently by the main entrance, along with the growler station, which itself is a welcome improvement over the old system. Customers can purchase and refill growlers at the brewery as it is now, but only during non-peak times. The new dedicated station will be "high speed," according to the brewery's job posting for the awesomely named position of "Beer Captain."

The architects working on the project, Studio Luz, have shared some snazzy blueprints and artistic renderings of the space on their website.

Update: Word on the street is that the hall will open on February 1.

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