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Momogoose Goes Brick and Mortar

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Momogoose is the latest food truck to announce its plans to also become a bonafide, immobile restaurant. Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the food truck owners have "signed a lease for a new cafe in the South Station area." The specific address remains unknown, as does the name of the venue, which may or may not be the same as the truck. Same goes for the menu, though Momogoose currently serves sandwiches, rice bowls, noodles dishes and salads, all of various Asian persuasions. This isn't the company's first transition: Momogoose originally grew out of the former East Cambridge restaurant Poppa and Goose. Bon Me, another local food truck, is also going brick and mortar and is bound for Kendall Square. If you have any further info on the evolution of Momogoose, there's always the tipline.

Update: To avoid potential confusion, know that Momogoose is planning on adding a brick and mortar restaurant to its existing food truck operation rather than ditching its truck for a new venue.

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