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YumeWoKatare Will Be 'Sacred Ground;' Southie Gin

CAMBRIDGE - An anonymous Eater reader claims to have had a sneak peek into the upcoming Porter Square ramen shop YumeWoKatare. He or she shares via comment: "my bet is this will become very sacred ground in a very short period of time." [~EBOS~]

THE BURBS - This is the title of a job posting for Union Street in Newton Centre: "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ NEED I SAY MORE (United States)." Does fifteen dollar signs mean employees can expect to make fifteen dollars? [Craigslist]

SOUTHIE - Luke O'Neil speaks with the new South Boston booze makers GrandTen Distilling for The Phoenix and of course also drinks some of their stuff. He finds the Wire Works Gin to be "extraordinarily spiced." [TP]


1925 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA