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Brass Knuckles Busted Out at Model Cafe

Photo: Satan's Laundromat

When a patron of the Model Cafe was asked to leave due to his intoxicated appearance, he did not go quietly into the night. Instead he started punching a window before whipping out a set of brass knuckles, which he then used to punch the employee who asked him to go. Brass knuckles being no joke: according to Wicked Local Allston-Brighton, the suspect is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Police responded and arrested the brawler last monday, October 1. An earlier article in the same publication cites a bizarrely similar situation with the same suspect from back in May. In fact the two incidents are so geminate in their descriptions that one may have been reported in error: stay tuned or hit up the tipline with any further info.

· Man uses brass knuckles during fight at Allston's Model Cafe [WL via UH]
· Cops: Employee at Model Café punched with brass knuckles [Wicked Local]

Model Cafe

7 North Beacon Street, Allston, MA