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J.P. Licks to Join Assembly Row; People Like Food Trucks

In today's Eaterwire, updates on Assembly Row, Dorchester, and more.

SOMERVILLE - The local ice cream chain J.P. Licks is headed for the new insta-neighborhood Assembly Row, says the Patch. That will be the company's second Somerville parlor, including one already in Davis Square. Also bound for Assembly Row: Burger Dive, Legal C Bar and Papagayo. [Somerville Patch]

EAST BOSTON - How many people do you think attended the recent food truck festival at Suffolk Downs? Guess. No, don't skip ahead. Guess. 15,000, says You skipped ahead. []

DORCHESTER - New restaurants could be headed for Morissey Boulevard near the Globe headquarters if the way for development is paved by the approval of a proposed $60 million apartment complex. When speaking to the Globe, the developer really tries to not call this part of town a barren wasteland and only moderately succeeds: "That area has been a barren — I don't want to say wasteland — but a barren spot for so long." [BG via GS]

[Photo: Facebook/J.P. Licks]