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What Boston Restaurant Is Expanding to Concord?

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An unamed Boston restaurant appears to be expanding a bit west of the city to Concord Center. A Craigslist job posting published this morning says the new venue will open "after the New Year" with a "Nationally known Chef with James Beard Foundation recognition" on board. The Boston connection: "We are also interviewing for a Chef de Cuisine for our Boston location to come on before the Concord opening."

Boston Restaurant Talk picked up on the news and notes that this mysterious restaurant will be " true farm to table Fine Dining" and will have a sommelier, but for now, that's all the information available. Besides a few shining stars like AKA Bistro in Lincoln and a handful of ethnic gems like Little Pusan in Maynard, this area of MetroWest has long been a disappointment in the restaurant department. Consider the recent Chowhound post titled "Metro West - is it really as hopeless as I think?" So whatever this place is, it will probably help. Also, what does "James Beard Foundation Recognition" really mean? Share those conspiracy theories about the new venue via the tipline.

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[Photo: Concord Center, Flickr/StevenErat]