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MA Fisherman Catches Halloween Colored Lobster

Bright colors are often nature's way of warning predators, but everyone knows that black and orange are nature's way of saying "it's time for Halloween!" And that's clearly the takeaway from news that a black and orage lobster was caught by a fisherman out of Beverly on the North Shore as reported today by the Associated Press. According to a statement from the New England Aquarium, "the one-pound female lobster has an orange side and a black side, with the colors perfectly split down the middle." The aquarium says the odds of such a find are one in 50 million, and yet crazy looking lobster keep being caught and photographed with Alice Cooper. Yesterday Mayor Menino officially sanctioned Halloween despite lingering concerns about hurricane Sandy: today Neptune seems to have added his approval.

· Black and orange lobster caught off Mass. [AP via BH, GS]
· Here's Alice Cooper holding a rare orange lobster [~EBOS~]
· Crazy colored lobster keep popping up [~EBOS~]
[Photo: Some other Halloween lobster/Freaky Zoo]

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