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Another Espresso Royale to Become Another Pavement

The Espresso Royale Caffe on Newbury Street in Back Bay will turn into a Pavement Coffeehouse, says Boston Restaurant Talk. If that sounds familiar, it's not because you're having deja vu, it's because you're just accurately remembering that this has happened before. Back in March the Espresso Royale Caffe on Gainsborough Street near Northeastern also became a Pavement Coffeehouse. That will make for three Pavement Coffeehouse locations in total when the current changeover is complete, which includes the two converts plus the original on Boylston near the Hynes Convention Center. BRT notes that but one Espresso Royale Caffe remains, on Comm Ave near BU. Prediction: it's going to become a Pavement Coffeehouse.

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[Photo: Newbury Street]

Espresso Royale Cafe

736 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 617 277 8737

Pavement Coffeehouse

286 Newbury Street, Boston, MA