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Gordon Ramsay 'Berates' La Galleria 33 Owners Tonight

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Photo: Gordon Ramsay, Rita and Lisa DiPietrantonio/La Galleria 33

Tonight the first episode of celebrity chef/shouter Gordon Ramsay's two-part visit to Boston airs on national TV when his FOX show Kitchen Nightmares takes on La Galleria 33 in the North End. Watch a preview clip below. The Herald reports that Ramsay "berates" the DiPietrantonio sisters, who run the restaurant, and that the two "get served a serious tongue lashing." Rita DiPietrantonio says the chef "hated our food" and that the experience of having the public learn about their problems has been "terrifying." In the preview clip, one of the sisters says that the restaurant's name "means nothing to me" and the other complains that the original decor featured too much nudity, including "naked cherubs." "There was a woman with her breasts out [she demonstrates with her hands]. Who eats dinner like that? Who eats dinner in the nude?"

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La Galleria 33

125 Salem Street, Boston, MA

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