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Local Coffee Listicle; Are These The Best MA Wine Lists?

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JP - Here's a relatively solid list of 18 local coffeeshops from DailyCandy. On the list: Ula Cafe in JP, which is described as "tucked inside a refurbished factory" where baked goods "have customers lined up like assembly workers." [DailyCandy]

BOSTON - Boston and Massachusetts in general don't fare well on OpenTable's new list of 100 restaurants with notable wine lists. And as proof of just how crazy lists like these are, consider the only two in-state restaurants that are included: Troquet in Back Bay and Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro, at Patriot Place in Foxborough. [OpenTable via BG]

DUNKIES/THE INTERNET - Because there aren't enough contests for inanimate object Halloween costumes, Dunkin' Donuts is now soliciting Twitter and Instagram photos of its coffee cups in the guise of ghosts, goblins, binders full of women, and so forth. You could win $100, but consider what might be lost in the process. [BI]
[Photo: Yelp/C.M.]

Troquet on South

107 South Street, Boston, MA 02111 (617) 695-9463 Visit Website

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