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Lucky Fort Point Now Also Getting a French Restaurant

Photo: Mistral/Cal Bingham

Mistral owner Seth Greenberg plans to open a new French restaurant in Fort Point on Melcher Street, says the Globe. The article refers to Greenberg's new project as a bistro, and says it could open by "next spring" in what was once a textile factory. Greenberg's previous ventures include opening the Paradise, the Ames Hotel and co-founding Boston Common magazine. Could his new restaurant be the same restaurant planned for 49 Melcher Street? Stay tuned. And this isn't the only exciting opening in Fort Point's future: others include Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon, the Bee's Knees Supply Co. by M3 owner Jason Owens, Tavern Road by Storyville chef Louis DiBiccari, wine bar/coffeehouse Internal Matter, and maybe some restaurants in former warehouses.

Update: Though Seth Greenberg's bio on the Mistal website says that he "launched" the Paradise, restaurant critic MC Slim JB writes in via the comments noting that "The Paradise has been around longer than Greenberg has been alive."

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