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Floating Restaurant Would Accept Kayakers; Paella Science

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EAST BOSTON - Planned floating restaurant The Mooring gets some wind in its sails with an endorsement from a Boston city councilor.The Herald reports that news, says The Mooring would cost about a million bucks to create, and could be kayaker-accessible. [BH]

HARVARD - Here, watch two hours of paella analysis. The rice dish is the subject of the latest Science & Cooking lecture from Harvard, which featured chef Raül Balam Ruscalleda and general manager Jordi Ciuraneta of the Barcelona restaurant Moments. [YouTube via Eater National]

CAMBRIDGE - There will be no more Foursquare-linked gumball machines, says the Boston Business Journal. According to its creator, the one at the Cambridge Legal Sea Foods "was a one-off." [BBJ]

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