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My Big Fat Greek Pizza No Longer Fat, Greek

Photo: Adam Gaffin/UniversalHUB

The sign at My Big Fat Greek Pizza in Forest Hills has been abridged and now just says Big Pizza. UniversalHUB reports that news, saying "Seems somebody told My Big Fat Greek Pizza the name had to go." The restaurant could not be reached for comment at this time, so it's not clear if the edited sign is proof of an official name change. Could this be the first in a nationwide crackdown by My Big Fat Greek Wedding to catch all the big, fat, Greek ripoffs that have come out since the movie debuted ten years ago? Next stop, Olathe, Kansas - watch out, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. You might just become "Restaurant."

· Looks like the copyright police staged a little raid in Forest Hills [UH]

My Big Fat Greek Pizza

10 Walk Hill Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

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