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Nutella to Boloco: Cease and Desist

The Boston-based burrito company Boloco says it's received a cease and desist order from none other but the international spread giant Nutella. Boloco shared the news yesterday via Facebook, saying "After 14 years as their faithful advocate (38 years for our CEO who grew up on the stuff since he was 4) Nutella's lawyers have sent us an immediate cease & desist on the use of their name." Why? Because the company features a menu item called "nutella milkshake." According to Boloco, Nutella says they can keep making the shake, they just can't keep calling it that. The Herald quotes Boloco CEO John Pepper on what this means for the company: "This will cost us possibly tens of thousands of dollars in menu reprints and new menu boards." Suggested fix: "litigious chocolate hazelnut spread company milkshake"

· Boloco [Facebook via Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog]
· Nutella wants Boloco to stop using its name for a milkshake [BH]
[Photo: Facebook/Boloco]


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