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Noodles & Company Wriggles Its Way Towards Boston

Photo: Yelp/Dave H.

The Colorado-based Noodles & Company is planning a Northeast expansion in a big way, including an outpost in Boston. According to a press release cited by the Boulder County Business Report, Noodles & Company, which has hundreds of locations among nearly half of all U.S. states, views an upcoming New York opening as just the beginning of its slippery plans for national domination. "The New York metro area restaurant will kick off company plans to open dozens of new restaurants in the Northeast, including locations in Boston [more cities named]... in the next several years."

And what might Noodles & Company serve in Boston? Noodles. The menu is divided between "Asian," "American" and "Mediterranean" -ish dishes along the lines of pad thai and the equivalent of pad thai for the other two. In other news, there's a mysterious "new soup & noodles restaurant" also headed to town. "Stay tuned for details and hit up the tipline with any of your own.

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