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Kitchen Nightmares' La Galleria 33 Episode Airs 10/26

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Photo: Gordon Ramsay and La Galleria 33 owners Rita Moran and Lisa CerundoloLa Galleria 33

Celebrity chef-shouter Gordon Ramsay will appear in Boston (on TV) later this month when his FOX show Kitchen Nightmares showcases the North End's La Galleria 33. A full two episodes have been devoted to La Galleria 33, which a press release for the show describes as "a financial disaster" so bad is has been "spiraling" the owners "into a deep state of denial." Ramsay will work on "their hostile attitudes towards their staff and customers" - it takes a sinner, apparently - "to the tasteless recipes they serve." On episode two, "a full-blown feud erupts" but "Luckily for these sisters, Chef Ramsay has a surprise up his sleeve." Prediction: the surprise involves some shouting.

A blog entry by the restaurant called "Life before KN" says "The process was tough, to say the least, but we put our trust in Chef Gordon Ramsay and let his crew take us on what would be a very emotional, yet invigorating journey."

Part one airs on FOX on Friday, Oct. 26 at 8:00pm and part two runs on Friday, November 2 at 8pm.

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La Galleria 33

125 Salem Street, Boston, MA

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