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Tonic Closed All Month; More on Don Frito

JP - Not long after Tonic lost chef Ryan Kelly, the restaurant went on vacation. Now a note on the Tonic Facebook page says it will be closed through the end of the month due to medical reasons. [Facebook]

WATERFRONT - The fate of the park at the end of Long Wharf - and whether it will ever become the site of a new restaurant - now rests in the hands of the state Supreme Court. The Globe reports that the court will decide how the space can be used and whether to allow "a restaurant and tavern inside and add outdoor seating" in early November. [BG]

CHELSEA - Details about the new Puerto Rican food trailer Papa Frito continue to trickle in via Chowhound. The poster notes that "they might make their own dough (or at least its not the goya masa para empanadas fritas)." [CH]
[Photo: Facebook/Tonic]


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