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Waterfront Explosion to Include More New Restaurants

Image: Curbed

This year the South Boston Waterfront will undergo radical transformations and massive amounts of development, and when the dust clears you'll see several shiny new restaurants. Curbed Boston reports that "the area is about to change forever in one of those tell-the-grandchildren-how-a-candy-bar-cost-a-nickel ways." The development means goodbye to Anthony's Pier 4 and hello to new restaurants in a planned complex called Seaport Square, which may also bring a supermarket to the area, as well as on the ground floor of a new 22-story tower at Pier 4, and, we're assuming, in a retail-residential combo called Waterside Place. If this latest batch is anything like the waterfront restaurant's we've seen thus far, there will be a combination of the loud and trendy and the loud and critically acclaimed.

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