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Villa Mexico Reaches Fund-raising Goal for Relocation

Image: Rendering of new Villa Mexico location/Official Source

Villa Mexico in Beacon Hill tells Eater that it has reached the fund-raising goal necessary for relocation, four days before its deadline and with $30 to spare! The tiny, located-in-a-gas-station eatery did not have sufficient funds to survive a move and could not continue to stay in its existing spot due to development plans for the building. In a heartwarming tale of patron support, Villa Mexico was able to obtain the needed finances, which were mostly for legal fees, by appealing to their fans on Kickstarter, the self-anointed "world's largest funding platform for creative projects."

Bessie King, a part-time employee and daughter of the owner, says the menu will stay largely the same and will now include soda and additional Mexican desserts. Like the original location, the new one will only feature take-out and delivery. Assuming they successfully obtain their permit and continue to have the support of the community, the new Villa Mexico hopes to open shop in February, a whopping 80 feet away.

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